ERR is the largest media organisation and government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company in Estonia.

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For its mobile units, the organisation relies on the experience of Lithuanian-based TVC Solutions, who have been designing and coachbuilding OB vans for over 20 years, and the fit-out includes specifying the most efficient, state-of-the-art technological infrastructure.

A key feature of the latest 12-metre long 18-camera van (designated ‘OB-1’) is an efficient use of internal space. They were able to create five working areas, and in total 19 separate workplaces on a chassis-based design. This includes: Main isolated equipment racks with redundant cooling system; Shading area (four workplaces); Second programme area (three workplaces); Main programme and slow-motion operators’ area (10 workplaces) and an advanced Audio room with improved sound isolation. OB-1 can operate with either one or two expanded sides.

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The audio control features advanced, point-to-point signal transport over fibre from a pair of the increasingly popular BroaMan Mux22 IVT/IVT devices, which are fast becoming ‘go to’ solutions for complex multi-format transmission such as this. Selected for this purpose by the customer, different formats of video and data can be combined and transported down a single duplex fibre cable. It is possible to control and monitor every channel and transceiver in the device in real time remotely using Optocore Control application.

In this instance Mux22 has been custom-configured as a point-to-point pair as required, to transport multiple signals between any two locations, reflecting the OB van’s widespread use for sports, news coverage and other outside broadcasts.

One Mux 22 IVT / IVT has been configured with 10 x 3G-SDI IN and 6 x 3G-SDI OUT, with 2 x PSU, SM Optocore Link, 2 x SANE/LAN/MADI Cat5, 2 x LAN, 4 x GPIO, 2 x COM, a VSYNC I/O and two 1310nm Aux. The second Mux 22 has 6 x 3G-SDI IN and 10 x 3G-SDI OUT, with 2 x PSU, SM Optocore Link, 2 x SANE/LAN/MADI Cat5, 2 x LAN, 4 x GPIO, 2 x COM, a VSYNC I/O and 2 x 1310nm Aux.

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According to TVC Head of TV System Design & Integration, Vitalijus Kaunas, the client is more than satisfied with the possibilites afforded by the Mux22 platform.

This is just part of a highly sophisticated construction, that in addition to the expandable sides, includes a quick to deploy and improved, fully electric side expansion and self-levelling system, which takes much less time to deploy than previous versions, as well as power, HVAC, lighting, and control systems—all based on Estonian climatic conditions.

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The technical infrastructure comprises broadcast industry standard components, built around the 18 x Grass Valley LDX 3G cameras and LAWO MC56MK3 48-fader console.