Route66 series consists of five different units: Route66, Route33, Repeat66 and Repeat33 as well as WDM Frame to provide multiple external WDM connections to the large scale Router system. The devices are capable of 66 and 33 channels of routing, signal repeating, as well as signal conversion between electrical and optical.

Route66 – Video Matrix 01 January 2011 – Route66 – Video Matrix

ULTRA-FAST VIDEO SWITCHER with built-in WDM modules – 40x40 3G-SDI non-blocking router

Route66 – Fiber Patchbay 01 January 2011 – Route66 – Fiber Patchbay

PROTOCOL INDEPENDENT FIBER PATCHBAY – up to 40x40 independent fiber I/O

Route66 – Optocore AutoRouter 01 January 2011 – Route66 – Optocore AutoRouter

INTELLIGENT PATCHBAY FOR OPTOCORE – creates an intelligent star out of Optocore ring topology

Route66 – Video AutoRouter 01 January 2011 – Route66 – Video AutoRouter

UNIQUE AUTOMATIC VIDEO ROUTING – automatically discovers stagebox connection and routes pre-programmed video, audio and data

Custom Route66 01 January 2011 – Custom Route66

If standard Route66 options: Route66 Video Matrix, Route66 Fiber Patchbay, Route66 Optocore AutoRoute,
Route66 Video AutoRouter don't fulfill your requirement we are there to help.